Sodium Tripolyphosphate Food Grade

Sodium tripolyphosphate is used in meat processing, seafood, frozen shrimp, sausage and modified starch.

The product offers advantages such as:

  • Improved water holding capacity of meat and seafood products
  • Denaturation of proteins prevention
  • Stabilising of the colour of the products
  • Improved texture of meat and seafood products
 Formula Na5P3O10
 Synonyms Pentasodium triphosphate
Pentasodium tripolyphosphate
Sodium triphosphate
 Grade Fine, coarse : anhydrous
 Specifications pH (1% solution): 9.2-10.2
Moisture (at 110°C): 0.30%
Water insolubles: 0.07%
P2O5: 57.0%
Iron as Fe : 50.0ppm
Purity: 94.0%
Arsenic as As ppm: 3.0
Lead as Pb ppm: 2.0
CAS number: 7758 – 29 – 4
Appearance: White fine or coarse powder
Mol. weight: 368
Meat processing, seafood, frozen shrimp, sausage, modified starch
 Packaging 25 kg polypropylene bag with PE liner
1000 kg polypropylene bag with PE liner

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